Updates - infrequent, but important


Post Production in full effect.

With multiple projects on the go at once, we are working on finalizing two short films, two documentries and a few unannounced projects. We've also been working with some awesome new people and musicians such as Trevor Sewell and will have more to share with everyone very soon.



Check out our BUMBLEFOOT LIVE videos. We're very proud to know this talented guy and he gave an incredible performance, which we're thrilled to have captured!





The word is out! Help us make history as we try to get Bumblefoot to work with buckethead. Henry makes his passion pitch while including never before seen conversation with Bumblefoot. MAKEITHAPPEN@EZEASPI.COM Help us!




Nice to see some traction! Nice work Madden! Your interview is popular!











For more from Wayne Madden check out his website here: www.WayneGMadden.com!


Our man Wayne Madden interviews Ron Thal - Bumblefoot himself. Check it out! Some awesome insights into his art.






What an amazing event. Check out some of the awesome photos we took while capturing the show!






Time to drop the teaser for our film BIRTHDAY GIRL!




2016 is a wrap


That is a wrap on the BIRTHDAY GIRL shoot! We'd like to thank our amazing cast and crew!

Chris Iddon - Stevie Ward - Abbey Stobbs - Katie Ellis - Bryn Jones - Philip Moon - Johnny Sample - Robert Adams - Georgia Knox - Andrew Yates - many more and all the families who came to be extras during the party scenes. Thank you everyone!

Check out our photo gallery on facebook!


A lot of behind the scenes things have been developing which we're very pleased about. New equipment, new avanues, new adventures all coming soon. Keep watching this space.

Too Young to Die update.


It's been quiet on the news front for our film TOO YOUNG TO DIE for some time on here. We've had our reasons. It's a sad state of a affairs but all bad things must come to an end and we are working on making the story change direction.


Check our writer Henry's website for the full story.


Recently on Eze as Pi...


For us, the last few years were peaks and valleys. We met and worked with a lot of great people. Had a lot of interest in our flicks, especially Too Young to Die, even some investment interest (these things don’t happen overnight). We had meetings in fancy hotels, bars and multi-million pound office buildings.


They didn’t all come to much, but some have threads we’re taking into the new year.

We've been featured on websites, print, TV, radio. Slowly gathering fans as we go.

We’ve learned from our mistakes and are encouraged by our successes. This year we are more deliberate. We promote tons of ideas at once to see which one people want the most – this year we’ve culled that to a few and are keeping them as priorities while the rest can sit and collect dust or be sold off.

We are full of renewed vigor. And have a lot of things to show you this year. Please, keep an eye out.




... Last Year in detail.  


"Everyday is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be." - Marsha Petrie Sue.