Filmmaking is passion. Sure, but it's also a business


What we're looking for:

Eze as Pi Productions has had some success in the past, some of our work has been shown around the world in places like the Cannes international film festival and Sedona international festival in Arizona, USA, but it takes more than a few short films to break the bank. Our turnaround in the past for making and releasing projects, short and feature, has been very slow because we've been entirely self funded and all of our team have worked other jobs simultaneously.


No beating around the bush; we want to expand our network of Partners and are looking for investment. We could make movies on iPhones in our spare time and have a ball, but this will not carve a career path for anyone and it certainly won't help us provide the best entertainment possible. EzeMath.


We've talked with Film4, BBC, NFM, etc. And have had some very positive feedback and a few good meetings. But no matter how interested or enthusiastic they've been, all companies want to take ownership of our work and we have to release some of our creative control, which could risk the quality of the product, and we're not prepared to do that.


Which is why we're looking for private investment.





What we offer:

We know how to make a movie. Between us our team has over 30 years of experience making movies. We are driven to success. Investing in a movie isn't like paying toward a dream; films are always big business (Even bad movies). There is always a market for entertainment and despite the last few years of economic downturn, the average gross for movies released recently has far exceeded what it was a decade ago.



Any professional will tell you, no investment is fool proof, and we wouldn't pretend anything ever is. Investing in film is not the same as taking a share in a goldmine, but it is a sound strategy with endless possibilities, when done correctly.


The level of investment you provide would dictate the level of creative control you have. Got ideas? The more the merrier. Just thinking about returns? Sit back and we'll get you a check in the mail and a copy of the DVD as soon as everything is out in the world.







The higher the investment, the more you've helped create that product. So, the more you need to get back from it. Some of the things we offer back for your investment;


Inside track: We'll keep you updated with exclusive news about what we're planning - and the chance to opt in your thoughts - before we do it. You'll also get first right access to upcoming scripts, treatments, and more.

Movie credits: Whether a special thanks or Executive producer, you'll get your name in a movie which will go up on our website and places like IMDB.COM

Be a star: Whether a walk on or speaking role, you'll be invited to get in on the action, in front of the camera as well as behind!

Walk the carpet: invite to the world Premiere and any subsequent film festivals the project is accepted in.

Money talks: And of course, you'll get a return on your investment. A percentage of the gross up to three times your initial investment.

And more!


Any questions? Get in touch below

Or do you want a piece of the Pi?


Thank you for your interest!


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