James E.Thompson - producer
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With a background in stage acting, home in Bermuda, Jim set his sights to film when he moved to the UK in 2006. Almost immediately he was cast in WalkAway. After this he went on to do a few short films and got himself stuck into his nine to five.


Jim contemplated turning his old web comic into a comic book and began writing and drawing. Soon with the support of the Thompson brothers, Jim turned his attention to live action writing. Churning out a few feature treatments like The Short Con. In 2012, he wrote and directed his first short film; Survivor.


Living and breathing film and all forms of media, Jim is working on his first graphic novel now, a new concept story with Henry Thompson, a comedy about all the things not everyone knows about their reality.


With England solidified as his home, Jim is very proud of the North East and wants to push the region for all its worth. Developing and writing stories and scripts which highlight the region and its people.


In addition to his work with Eze as Pi Productions Ltd, Jim has set up a new company which helps both protect and polish the work of other writers and developers around the country. Concept Secure will be full live in 2015 and will allow aspiring writers a quick and easy base for protection and producing.


Current projects: Writing Chambers of fear.

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