Short Film - Drama - 7:05 mins (Complete - Being sent to festivals)



Written by the Thompson Brothers
Directed by Henry and Wayne Thompson


A simple question with only complex answers. Why does one kill?
One man's examination of self as he struggles to understand his own horrific actions. Trapped within, he questions what he's doing and why he is unable to stop himself.








Wayne Thompson - Father

Danielle Elaine Millican - Mother

Kyle Thompson - Son

Darienne Thompson - Daughter


James Thompson - Officer (Body)

Henry Thompson - Voice





Writer / Director / DOP / Camera / Editor / Executive Producer - Henry Thompson

Writer / Director / Story by / Producer - Wayne Thompson

Writer / Producer / Additional Roto-scoping - James Thompson

Music - Roland Macintosh

Digital effects - Walton Vendrell

Sound mix / Foley - Max Black

Post production Assitant - Linda Brown







The movie is presented as one shot, filmed in 2 days over 2 locations using Pink screen and rotoscoping. It took 7 days to complete the post production process which involved rotoscoping over 2000 frames by hand.


Made for under 100 GBP.

  More to come soon!