Roland Macintosh - Original composer



When Roland was 12 years old, his father bought him his first synthesiser. He spent many hours experimenting and learning how to combine different waveforms with unusual rhythms.


At 17, with his first professional synthesiser and a four-track tape machine, he recorded his first demo tape in his bedroom, which cemented his lifelong passion for music.


Around this time he found himself gravitating toward technical theatre, focusing on audio engineering, working at venues throughout the North East of England and attending courses with various organisations including the Royal Shakespeare Company.


A devout fan of classic synthesiser music, he notes Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Wendy Carlos as some of his favorites. Like them, Roland enjoys fusing together the old with the new to come up with unusual music with a difference which can heighten any emotion.


Though a few careers got in the way over the years, Roland decided to return to the music scene and completed his first album 'Opus Mei'. His passions reignited, he has since completed two more albums (Genesis and A New Beginning) with a fourth in the works.


As well as becoming Eze as Pi's resident composer, Roland has recently scored for other local production houses such as Canny Pictures.


He has some of his previous work available at: soundcloud


Currently working on: His first offical album release, and future scores.

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