Wayne Madden - Logistics Manager
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Wayne was 15 when he first realized he wanted to be a Journalist. A chance work experience program at a local Radio station led to the opportunity of a weekly show, Wayne got the chance to broadcast from the station and play all of his favourite music in the process.


Since then Wayne has worked in a variety of locations with a multitude of organisations – not least of which include UTV, the BBC and Sky News. Maybe as a result of his easy going personality, Wayne has found himself in a variety of unusual appointments, including appearing onstage at Whitley Bay Playhouse and spending a year as a Registrar with Newcastle City Council.


In 2010, the BBC took Wayne into Television for the first time. Preferring behind the scenes work, Wayne tried his hand with a number of Productions around the North East – which led him to Eze as Pi Productions.


As he put it: "My first experience with the Eze as Pi crew was, they asked me to go into a supposedly haunted wine cellar which used to be a morgue in a hotel and hide in the corner and scare the living wits out of an executive producer who didn't believe in ghosts. I was like... What is going on here?"


Joining in on the bromance, Wayne took over doing the social media side and runs finding locations and coordination of teams and travel for each production. He also gives his input on all projects from a viewer's standpoint. (Occasionally gets in front of the camera too, for things like Movie madness.)


Back to his radio roots, in 2013 Wayne set up his company RadioSkills101. This focuses on teaching Radio, presentation and journalism to youths. When not filming or teaching, Wayne listens to way too much Guns'N'Roses and writes for NE Music Magazine.


Upcoming projects:

Wayne is writing and producing Eze as Pi Productions' first documentary. Watch this space.


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