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Too young to die



Feature film - Horror - xxx:xx mins (Script complete, seeking funding - More information, including Budget reports available. Contact us.)



Written by the Thompson Brothers


After a train crash, a small village in the North of England is overrun with the living dead. As the authorities are scattered, a group of children stay hidden in their school, protected by the last few teachers. But when those things find a way in, the children find themselves alone and on the run in a city saturated in blood and suffering. Together, they keep each other safe as they look for help and survival.

Walk Away


Feature film - Thriller - x:xx mins (Post production - Editing)



Written and Directed by Henry Thompson


After a robbery, four men find themselves alone in an abandoned house. Tired and angry they face not only each other but themselves, their greed, guilt and depression as they are haunted by the mistakes which led them there.


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Birthday girl

Short Film - Thriller (In Post-Production)



Written and Directed by The Thompson Brothers
Based on a story by Malcolm Holt


As she nears her seventh birthday all Melissa wishes for is to spend time with her older sister Charlotte. But Charlotte is a teenager. Always full of angst. Always alone in her room. Always trying to scare Melissa. Teasing her about monsters. She says that’s why she is who she is. She's seen the monsters. And Melissa will tonight. But Monsters don’t exist. Do they?




Short Film - Thriller - 11:02 mins (Complete - Being sent to festivals)
For more information, including cast and crew: check here



Written and Directed by James Thompson


Gabriel Black is a professional. A mercenary... A survivor.
When he is hired by a shady group looking to have an uninvited guest removed, the only question is how much. But this is no ordinary man they want gone. Before he knows it, Gabe is thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse where only one man - or beast - can survive.





Short Film - Drama - 7:05 mins (Complete - Being sent to festivals)
For more information, including cast and crew: check here



Written by the Thompson Brothers
Directed by Henry and Wayne Thompson


A simple question with only complex answers. Why does one kill?
One man's examination of self as he struggles to understand his own horrific actions. Trapped within, he questions what he's doing and why he is unable to stop himself.




The Playground

Short Film - Horror - 8:50 mins (Post production - Editing)



Written and Directed by Wayne Thompson


An unapologetic love letter to the Slashers of the 70s.
A young couple camping in the woods find themselves stalked by an axe wielding maniac and have to run for their lives. Do they dare fight back or just keep running?





This Blows

Short Film - Comedy - x:xx mins (Pre Production - Design/Casting)



Written and Directed by Henry Thompson


Busy day for the local bomb squad. Is there something deeper at work here than your standard terrorists and jilted lovers? One man will risk it all to find out how to stop it. Even if he runs the risk of it all blowing up in his face.







Theory in Motion

Short Film - Thriller/Sci-Fi - x:xx mins (Pre-Production)



Written and Directed by Henry Thompson


An old woman sits on a park bench. Pondering the intricaices of a Multi-verse, the concept that all of time is overlaid like strands on top of one another, all interlinking. If you could discover how to pull between them - and in doing so, change the past, could you break a strand? Start a new path? And what would the consequence of this be?
She stands and takes her gun out of her purse.




Alpha Dawgs

Web Pilot - Comedy - 24:00 mins (Development, filming first segments)



Created by the Thompson brothers.


Real men, being really offensive. Honest, and thougtful, but hard to hear sometimes. Whether you agree or not with what they say, one thing is for sure. They'll either make you think or make you angry. Whatever the case, they'll definately make you laugh!



Movie Madness

TV Pilot - Comedy - 24:00 mins (Post production and filming additional segments)



Created by the Thompson brothers.


This pilot is a labor of love. Several recent projects will be combined into this single pilot, giving viewers the chance to decide which have merit and which don't. Including Skeptics, Auditions, The Eze life, Location hunt, Interview with a monster, Give the guy a break, and more!


... Details on this will be revealed in the coming weeks...




A Shortcut to hell

Short film - Horror - 3:00 mins (2013)
Originally created as for a horror channel competition



Two versions created;
One written and directed by Wayne Thompson
One written and directed by Henry Thompson


A young girl, a grave in the woods. Powers and meanings which can only be bought with the spilling of blood.




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Look back, so you know how to move forward

When the music stops

Short film - Drama - 9:01 mins (2008)
Featured at the 2008 Cannes Film festival short films corner



Written and directed by Henry Thompson


A young man recounts his shattered relationship with the woman of his dreams and questions where to go from here, questioning the unthinkable as he finds life without her empty.





A test of faith

Short Film - Drama - 14:35 mins (2009)
Featured at the Sedona International film festival, Arizona, USA



Written and Directed by Wayne Thompson


Father Samuel's world is left unbalanced after a young man confesses horrible acts to him. He is disturbed by what he has heard and unable to absolve the man of his guilt. The young priest tries to forget the man's sins but soon finds himself haunted by them; his faith is shaken as he realizes the personal consequence of the man's actions... Some things in life change you... Some test you...





Short Film - Comedy - 3:30 mins (2009)
Featured in the top 45 of Virgin Shorts 2009



Written and Directed by Henry Thompson


This is everyday life, these are some of the moments which make up the world we live in, day in day out. Amongst the noise and the chaos. Glimpses of chance encounters... And missed opportunities...






Short Film - Comedy - 3:00 mins (2009)



Written and Directed by Wayne and Henry Thompson


An epic chase through the city, the country fields and the forest, one man running the other down, but for what reason?









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