Eze wouldn't be the same without these people

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort. Everyone bands together and does all they can in the name of the project, the writer, the director, etc. Everything we've done and continue to do depends on the support of the people we surround ourselves with. Show these people some love. They deserve it.


Frequent Collaborators:


Ben Douglas - Ben has worked as character and environment artist on a series of independent video games as well as having worked with James Sutton, famous for his work with Will.I.Am and N.E.R.D. and his fashion line This is not clothing. While new to Eze as Pi on an official capacity, he has been making sense of chaos with the team randomly for quite some time. He also has a large following on YouTube for his informative free 3D learning courses where he shares the tips and tools of his trade to his many fans. Check his site out!

Steven Daljit Sidhu - @StevenSidhu, A man of many talents, Steven has worked with us since all the way back in Walk Away days, recording sound and providing still photography. Nothing is too much trouble for Steven and he puts himself out for any shoot, no matter how big or small his role in it is. We wouldn't be where we are without him.

He is also a writer, producer, director, having graduated from UC film school.

Rod Glenn (Aka Rod Zombie) @rodglenn, Rod has worked with us on a few things now and is quickly becoming someone we call on regularly. He is a consumate professional and a damn fine actor.

Also a published author with quite a few works out for sale right now! (Go buy them! seriously.)

Danielle E.Millican @DanMillican, Script supervisor and runner/best boy for a lot of our recent productions, Danielle excelled at keeping people together and on task. Also, helped proof read and give first opinion on most of our newer projects.

Sadly Danielle has moved on to focus on her other career, but the door is open for her.

Craig Rutherford (Aka Tobias) @Dunhillpeace, The lead actor in Walk Away and a guest spot in A test of faith, Wayne Thompson and Craig go way back, like childhood friends. A good friend to the Eze team - and a very accomplished writer and filmmaker. Independantly has produced/written a number of short stories and is working on a feature film right now!

In our opinion though, one of the first things we ever saw him act in is still our favorite. We won't embarrass him by bringing it up - but here's a hint; "Tonight Steven, I'm going to be..."

Harriet Ghost, Great actress with a great personality. We put Harriet in a variety of uncomfortable situations - like having her dig her own grave and getting shot in the face with a revolver at close range and she always has a smile on her face (once the camera stops rolling).

Jazz Book, @Jazzismysayce, Like most geniuses, Jazz book seems to turn up to all of our meetings. Sit silently in the corner smoking and making notes in himself. And midway through the meeting you are thinking who invited this jerk?

Then as the meeting winds down, he slips us a scrap of paper and the answer to all our questions, the gel to hold the story or the macguffin to keep it ticking is there. We turn for further guidance and he is gone. The Legend lives on.


Eze as Pi People:

Those good folks who have either worked with or supported us over the years.

Hiram Bleetman
Gabriel Brenner
Steven Garry
Andrew Yates
Howard McNair
Will Thompson
Stephen Cooper
Brad Johnson
Karen Thompson
Gary Millican
Chris Jewitt
Michael Ruff
Ian Drayton
Wil Nickson
Frankie Simpson
Lewis O'Neill
Ian Drayton
David Sword
Ben Lowes-Smith
Linda Brown
Andrew Heron
Ian Lake
Chris Derrick
Mickey Robson
Ron Thal
To name just a few!


It's always good to be backed up by your friends. Do you want to see your name here? Why not get in touch, see what we can do for each other?