Eze as Pi Productions Limited

A film production company based in the North East of England
Our team has a combined 30 years experience in the film industry
With multiple projects all in active development, things are in full swing


Frequently Asked Questions    .    History of Eze as Pi Productions







Who/What are Eze as Pi Productions?

As stated above, we are a film production company in the North East. Our core team can be found here. And a history of the company and the long hard road we've travelled can be found here.



What sets Eze as Pi Productions apart from its competitors?

First of all, we don't have competitors. We want to tell stories. We wouldn't want anyone else to stop telling theirs! We're veiewers as well as developers.

More than anything though, what Eze as Pi aims to do is provide great entertainment, delivered to the highest quality we can, regardless of the budget constraints or anything else which gets in the way.

We'd also like to help elevate the North East region when it comes to filmmaking. Why go to London to shoot a movie? We have some of the most gorgeous scenery, amazing architecture and wonderful people. Tell your friends.



What experience/knowledge does Eze as Pi have? And what equipment do you use?

That's two questions...

1. Our group has worked on big budget movies (whether as an extra or an actor, make up, etc.) as well as many short films and music videos and productions from other houses. We also all come from a writing background and we stress honesty and originality at every turn. Our team is happy to bad mouth each others work to help it get stronger. No one is smarter than anyone else, we all have to be happy before we move forward with something.

2. Equipment wise, we have used Sony FX-1 HDV cameras for Walk Away and our newer shorts have been shot on Canon DSLR cameras which record 1080p and offer a variety of lenses for filmic quality. We're just holding out for a RED system for the next feature, which will allow a theatrical release. If you have any spare change for this cause, please invest here!



What is Eze as Pi's future?

More feature films. As well as finishing WalkAway which needs a little post production, We shot WalkAway for under 15,000 pounds in HDV High definition. This is great for a dvd or Blu-ray release, but if you really want to get a movie into the theaters, you need that extra push of quality, which ratchets your budget up.

Before we shoot our next feature we're looking to get some investment to broaden the markets it can go. - We do this for passion, but we're cognizant that filmmaking is a business. We could run around shooting movies on iPhones and feel fulfilled, but we wouldn't be able to make a living at it and we wouldn't get the chance to tell all the stories we have waiting.



What is with the CUP on your logo?

Ha! There is a visual cue with the cup which overtime has been lost... This was a little joke that Henry did back in 2006. He was at a coffee shop and Wayne Thompson was drinking tea. Henry said he needed the biggest coffee they had, so they gave him a massive promotional cup which was about 20 times larger. And there it was, the message he wanted;

   A massive cup of tea. The melding of BRITISH SENSIBILITIES and AMERICAN STYLE. So they did a photoshoot with the cups and used it as a first time promotion. The image of the cup stuck in people's head and it became the official logo, but the original meaning seems to have got lost a long the way.

   Subsequently, British Sensibilities with American Style became our mantra - and we have all but axed the original slogan which was Making sense of chaos. Though it is still on the opening to all of our shorts...


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