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Eze as Pi was founded by Henry Thompson, An American writer displaced in England, to shoot the feature film Walk Away.


2006 - 2008

Walk Away was filmed over 25 days across nearly 2 years, self financed. During this time, Henry cast Wayne Thompson and James Thompson (No relation) as actors and soon they all became close friends and the Thompson brothers were born, each taking on more than just acting roles.


2008 - 2009

While Walk Away was in post production, the group shot several short films including A test of Faith and When the music stops, both of which were featured in film festivals around the world.



A number of personal and private events forced Henry and Wayne to shutter the company and delay Walk Away indefinately. The team did not lose contact and kept a vigil for the company and the movie.



Near the end of the year, Spearheaded by Wayne Thompson, the team reunited and shot 3 short films in 3 months. Their love for filmmaking rejuvinated, the team got back together officially.



Everything is coming together again. The team have many feature scripts in development, several short films finished or in post production, with a new Logistics manager; the team is embracing social media (Like us on facebook!) And furthermore - Walk Away is back in Post production and tentatively set for a 2014 finish.



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It's been a long hard road. The commitment of the group has never faltered. Keep watching this space. Things are coming together.


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